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where do they put thier stuff?

This weekend was awesome! Last time I went out of town was December - to my girlfriend's wedding for a night in Half Moon Bay. That was only one night though and I left at daybreak to come home to Sophia before I had to be at work. So now, 5 months later I piled into Shell's brand new Saturn SUV with the ladies to see the Indigo Girls at Long Beach Gay Pride. The Indigo Girls were great. They hit every song I wanted to hear. During the encore I said to Cynthia that all I needed to hear was Gallileo and bam! It was their final song. Perfection.

OOOO, and then there were our accomodations. We stayed with Scott and Tim, friends of the girls. I was a little nervous when Cynthia was telling me that it was a studio loft and that you had to use a ladder to get into the guest bed. But when we arrived she had failed to mention that it was a 1700 sq ft loft decorated and designed to entertain the masses. The place looked like a showroom. In fact, the guys had submitted pictures of thier home to be used in photo shoots or things in media. Neato huh? Here's the thing. Where do they put their stuff? Everything seems to just have a place. How is it that everything at my place seems to be busting out at the seems? For me and Linda, that was the question of the weekend. Where do they put thier stuff?

This was a great weekend. Scott and Tim were awesome hosts. Thank God for girlfriends.

On to being healthy. I really did try behave myself this weekend. We did a heck of alot of walking, but when it was time to eat, I ate very well. I went back to the gym today to meet with Mark, but he's had to take some time away for a family emergency. I decided to plug away and was on the treadmill warming up for my circuit. 25 minutes into it Sophia poops and I have to go change her. I never made it back because once she sees me, she thinks we're going. Maybe I'll go for a walk this evening.

Sophia's sleeping so maybe I should be showering right now. More later.
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