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Attack of the Rabid Mothers or My Day At the Park

Oh my Gawd. I was at the park with Sophia today and experienced a couple of situations that made me realize how different perfect strangers can be from me. I take my kiddo to the park on beautiful days like this so that she can play in the sandbox barefoot. She loves the way the sand feels between her toes. Don't we all? (I'm thinking of taking her to the ocean when me and my mom go for that very reason). Anyway being the only child that she is, she's having a difficult time grasping the concept of sharing. So every time we go to the sandbox I tell her that she has to let other's play with her things when she's not playing with them. They can even play together. Sometimes she's for it and sometimes she's absolutly not into it. Most of the time all the other parents in the vicinity chime in saying they relate and then it starts a conversation. Those are the good days. And then there are days like today. Sophia and I had just left the sandbox. She left her toys behind as that is our first stop and she's got the rest of the park to enjoy. We were over by the waterfall (which is currently dry) and I hear and see this older lady saying, "excuse me, excuse me! Give me that back right now!" and she grabs a bucket out of this little boy's hand. He was a little taken aback but more than less unfazed by the whole situation. Some other Mom walks over and hands him a toy and then everyone has to explain to their toddlers who just witnessed this display why some people just don't want to share. She did more than just talk to a child, she overreacted just a bit and set a buzz of gossip over the park...

Which brings me to the second experience. A bit after the non sharing crazy lady, I overheard these two moms as I was passing them, laughing about the situation as they watched their boys by the basketball courts. Apparently the crazy lady's grandkids had left their toys and weren't playing with them at all and she didn't want anyone else playing with them either I guess. The ladies laughing about the situation were funny. They seemed to be the moms at the park I would most likely connect with...then again, maybe not. I had followed Sophia down to the basketball courts to watch her try to roll down the hill like Superwoman. The two little boys were throwing their snacks all over the ground and then one of them just tosses his baggie on the ground. He couldn't of been more than 6 or 7 years old. I say, "I saw that". He says "So". And then it goes on like this, with me saying -
Maybe you should pick that up.
Your Mother's right over there.
Do you need me to tell her?

At that point his mom comes over (the one I thought I could connect with) and asks if there's a problem. I tell her and she just looks at him and lets him run away. She turns to me and says that she was planning on cleaning up after her kids so no worries. And she turns around in huff and walks away. I think she got defensive...like I was being critical of her parenting skills. I just couldn't look away when he littered like that. That's the very thing that I get Sophia to not do. Anyway, today my lesson was...Do not attempt to parent other people's children.

I need to find a playgroup...or go back to the gym.

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